1. First off, your primary reading for the weekend is to finish off NCFOM, pp. 281-309.

2. Don’t forget, on Monday we have a test over the entire book.

3. As some secondary reading for the weekend, lease read the following discussion of the scene in the film of Sheriff’s Bell’s return to the motel following Moss’s death: click.

4. One other secondary reading, on the end of the book/film (Note: this link takes you to a Wikipedia page on the many interpretations of the whole film/book; feel free to by-pass all that and scroll all the way down to the section titled “Final Scene…”): click.

5. Finally, here are a couple of excellent essays/discussions of/on the film and (in part) its relation to the book: click and click.

6. Finally, here are some important moments, anecdotes, items, etc. that are not in the film, but ARE in the book…

The story of Bell’s WWII experience that won him a medal (undeservedly, he feels);
The story about the letters Uncle Elllis’s mother wrote to his older brother Harold while he was off in WWI (during which he was killed);
Chigurh’s first trip to the house in Odessa where Carla Jean and her grandmother live (not the trip he makes during which he kills Carla Jean);
The Mexican drug cartel’s death squad and their black Barracuda;
The shoot-out outside the motel at Van Horn, TX;
Bell’s trip to Huntsville to see the Mexican who was at the shootout with Moss and killed him;
Bell’s trip to see Moss’s father in San Saba;
The Mexican drug cartel joining the shooting scene in Eagle Pass and Chigurh killing one of them;
Wells discovering the body of an elderly shut-in who was apparently killed by a stray bullet in the Eagle Pass shootout;

Moss meeting Chigurh face to face in the room at the Hotel Eagle and holding him at gunpoint.

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